Mastering Unity 5.x

by Alan Thorn

Cover Mastering Unity 5.x

This book takes an in-depth focus on a practical project with Unity, building a first-person game with many features. You’ll dive deep into the architecture of a Unity game, creating expansive worlds, interesting render effects, and other features to make your games special. You will create individual game components, use efficient animation techniques, and implement collision and physics effectively. Specifically, we’ll explore optimal techniques for importing game assets, such as meshes and textures; tips and tricks for effective level design; how to animate and script NPCs; how to configure and deploy to mobile devices; how to prepare for VR development; and how to work with version control, and more. By the end of this book, you’ll have developed sufficient competency in Unity development to produce fun games with confidence.

Category: Programming

ISBN: 9781785880742

Year published: 2017



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